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At the moment I have some nice horses in training that are for sale.

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Clinics schedule

If you are interested in a riding clinic in Germany or Austria, here are some dates. It is not yet all, but the list will be updated.

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WC 2017 Oirschot, NL

We're back from great days in the Netherlands. A great competition that was super organized and made it amazing for horses, riders and spectators!
Elfa did well and ended up on 5th place and confirmed her previous judgement. 
I want to thank all the people that supported us! Here are a few pics both from VI_photography and Neddens Tierfoto...enjoy 

Interview with miia.at

There's a nice interview online about Elfa-Freyja on the popular blog miia.at from Katharina Brandel. 
You can read it (only in German) here

Hello Denmark!

I am now in Denmark and offer to take horses in training and give private lessons/courses on all levels. 

I'm located shortly west of Aarhus. 

My pricelist is available here.

I'm looking forward to hear from you. 

Holland, here we come

I'm proud to be a member of the Austrian team this year. My mare Elfa-Freyja von Fürstenbrunn will represent the 6-year old mares in Oirschot!

We are excited to go there! See you in Oirschot!


18/7/13   DIM 2013


Silver Medal in T2 with 8,12!

And selected as reserve rider for the German National Team at the WC!

I am truly very happy :))

Thank you for all your support!

As well Spoliant vom Lipperthof and Ás-Sjoli von der Igelsburg will represent Germany as breeding horses at the WC! and pretty Snaedís was only 0.01 points away from 1st place! I am really proud of them!

Thanks to Claudia Achilles for the nice pics she took!

19/6 13


Now Blettur and I are back home from the 2nd qualification tournament in Neuler. We decided only to focus on T2.


Which turned out to be a good decision :)

We got 7.90, a new personal best and first position in the preliminary.


Sunday came and in the afternoon the A-final.

We started in the free tempo. Blettur with alot of power and high action was rewarded with several 9´s and 8,5´s ending with a score of 8,67


Then the slow steady and calm tölt, we received there 7,5 - 8 and a total of 7,67


Change of rein and then loose rein tölt.

This went well, blettur always feels well in the track with more horses.

And rewarded with several 8´s and a total score of 7,67


Totally it meant 7,92 and first place :-D


i´m very happy with the way Blettur and I performed. There is still room for improvement. I know we can do even better and will work hard the coming weeks to do so at the German Championships at Töltmyllan.



1/6 13


I´m very happy to now be part of Team Hrímnir!! www.icesaddles.com



1/6 13


I´ve now decided to take the next step and become self employed from august on :)