Here I want to present some of the horses that were part of my life. I am very thankful to all of them whereas they were and still are the best teachers. Thank you!

Boggi frá Tóftum

Boggi und Freija auf ihrer letzten DJIM, Siegerehrung T2
Boggi und Freija auf ihrer letzten DJIM, Siegerehrung T2

I got my first horse with 8, Loftfari vom Basselthof (see gallery). He was a well educated former competition horse from Karly Zingsheim. Unfortunately he didn´t have the best health and so i just spend a lot of time with him riding bareback or teaching him tricks. Then came Boggi. He was 5 and I was 10 and I owe him everything, the best horse I could ever get in my youth! Now he is retired and happy on our farm.

Gormur frá Adalbóli

Gormur 2001  im Passrennen
Gormur 2001 im Passrennen

I got Gormur to improve my pace skills. We were very successful for years in 150m pace race and pace test. Apart from competitions he learned young horses to go as handhorse or helped out in the local kindergarden. Only when you want to catch him on the meadow he can still drive you crazy ;-) He is today with Boggi retired on our farm.

Skifa frá Hofi 1

Skifa was never my own horse, but she has a place in my heart forever. Owned by Uli Reber I had her for riding during my studies. She was not the easiest but we learned a lot from each other. I was A-qualified in F1 and passed my trainer A in dressage and jumping on her. She was sold to Strandhólar in Holland where she is a breeding mare.

I was allowed at Lipperthof to educate her son Skorri and he is stil reminding me of her every day. He also inherited her big talents for dressage and circus tricks.