Glossi fra Sønderskovgård DK2004103596

Glossi is a tall beautiful charming gelding. He is a four gaiter. Until 3 years ago he was only ridden 3 gaited in the forest until his current owner bought him. He has a great talent for tölt and with more training he will be a great competition horse in T3/T1 but also good in V2/V1.

He has a nice character and is willing to work with the rider. His willingness is medium. He is easy in handling, showing, vet and with the trailer.

His tölt has clear beat with high and room movements and a good speed range. Trot is also secure and clear with good suspension and wide strides. His gallop is very rhythmical and clearbeated and nice to sit. He likes dressage work and is fun to ride both in- and outdoor. 

Glossi would fit perfect for an ambitious and experienced rider. He needs a rider who can bring him further and gives him support when he needs it. As he was not ridden very much until he was 10 years he is fresh and open for everything.


If you are interested in this interesting and talented gelding please contact me for further information and an appointment!



8464 Galten, Denmark



 78 000DKK (private sale)